Tuk Tuk

An open-air (non air-conditional) three-wheeled vehicle. Passengers are limited to three. Most common mode of low-cost transport method


Fully air-conditional limited space and small vehicle with limited baggage space. comfortable travel for three passengers.


Fully air-conditioned four-passenger design vehicle with limited baggage space.

Wagon R

Fully air-conditioned comfortable vehicle for four passengers. Ideal for short-distance trips with limited luggage space.


Fully air-conditioned sedan with four passengers. Comfortable travel for long-distance trips with responsible luggage space.


A fully air-conditioned luxury vehicle with four passengers. It can guarantee a grand entrance. Good luggage space.


Fully air-conditioned travel with nine to fourteen passengers. Comfortable travel for long-distance trips. Good luggage space based on the number of passengers.

Mini Truck

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